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This might be a little long for you guys but bare with me please. I just need some advice. I am 16 year old male and i live in Los angeles, CA. I am fairly new to the business. I have done a commercial in the past( which made me SAG-AFTRA eligible), some plays, and some background work on a TV show. When i first started acting i was around 10 or 11 and i could remeber my agent sending me out on an audition at least once every two weeks. I took about a four year haitus from that time, in which i decided i just had to get back into acting. I looked for agents and final i got one bite.. so i decided to go with them. For the first six months i would only go out maybe once every 2 months, but then all of a sudden the gaps between the auditions became even longer and i decided to leave that agency. The same thing happened with the second agent i found, almost the same exact pattern. ( By the way, both of those agencies said that it just takes some time to get me out there and for me too be seen by casting directors and thats why its so slow, therefore i took some casting workshops in order to be seen but still no luck.)
But then out of no where i got a call from a pretty good agency who wanted to meet me, so i went in for an interview. She made me read some lines from one commercial, and she liked the way i did it, but also said that she was mostly taking me for my looks (previous agencies also said this.)... so i talked it over with my parents and we decided that it was best if i went with them. the First audition i got sent out for, was 1 week after my interview... I was really, really excited that my first audition came really quick within one week of our meet, but after that one audition things started to fall in the exact same places as it did with the other agencies, only getting auditions once every 2 months sometimes more.I am still currently with this agency. Im just trying to understand wether I'm doing something wrong. Is it my resume? Do i just not have enough credits? I called my agent one day to see if i could talk to her and try to get down to the root of the problem in order to fix it, but she said she wasn't in the office at the moment but that shell look over my casting networks and call me back the same day. she didn't. I tried a week later and she told me the same thing that she will look over the websites and give me a call the same day. she didn't. I understand that she is probably busy with other stuff, and i don't want to keep bothering her by calling her, i don't want to irritate her. Don't get me wrong she is a very nice lady but she just never calls me back to let me know whats going on ( also no responses to my emails). I also understand that its the casting director that is the final decision maker in wether you can come in for and audition or not. Is she just not Submitting me for any auditions? if she wasn't planning on submitting me then why did she take me on board? she said she mostly took me for my looks, i understand that, but you still have to submit me right? in order to get me seen. Keep in mind that these agencies I've been with are really good agencies that have made a really good name for themselves in the past. I also just became a legal 18 so i can technically work as an adult in the industry. maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe the market for my age group is really saturated, I don't know, its just really frustrating sometimes. I really appreciate you guys for reading all of this, if you could give me some advice i would be very grateful thanks.

Asked by: Eric Coolbeans1

  1. Jane Drake Brody on July 18, 2015

    Perhaps, now that you are no longer a child actor, your looks don't count for as much as they may have done in the past. Have you taken any actual acting classes? I suggest that you do so because other handsome young men take classes to improve their skills and stay in practice. In this way an agent or a casting director would see that you are serious and might feel more comfortable recommending you. The kind of class you need is not a commercial one, you seem to understand them, and you have been on camera. I suggest a good Stanislavski based scene study class, or a Meisner class not on camera. You need to develop our craft now.y

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