Staging a Show

Creating & Producing New Work Together

Tara Robinson & Steffan Donnelly co-wrote, co-created and co-produced My Body Welsh, the newest production from their two companies Invertigo Theatre, The Conker Group, and venue partner Pontio, Bangor. It’s an investigation into small town life on Anglesey, what it means to be from somewhere, and how truth, history and stories weave together to forge a sense of national identity. It toured across Wales in January 2017 and is published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.

Co-writing, co-creating and co-producing is definitely fun, rich, varied and exciting, it’s also satisfying and sometimes tricky. We’ve jotted down some basic advice based on our findings working together...


We have zero advice for how you find this person. For us it happened by chance working on Titus Andronicus at Shakespeare’s Globe. We discovered we had the same sense of humour and enjoyed each other’s company. But that in itself is a good start. The thing we advise is …

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A double act: Preparing a script for publication and production

It's happened, I'm being published by the wonderful people at Methuen Drama. One of the few disappointments of my last play Plan D was that I wasn't able to secure a publisher to tie in with the production. It was however subsequently published in an anthology in the States so that was nice. Another couple of my plays have been published or are going to be published. I'm not showing off there is a point and here it is - despite being published this is the first time I've had a play published to tie in with production. And it's been a very different experience. 

My play Scenes from 68* Years runs at the Arcola in Dalston from 6-30 April. We started rehearsing in the first week of March and a few days later I was charged with delivering my script in order for it to be prepared for printing. I was told some changes would be acceptable after that point but these would need to be delivered within an email rather than as a whole redrafted script. That was fine and actually the first …

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Crowdfunding insights

This is my first blog for this site. At the moment I am in pre-production for my play Scenes from 68* Years which is at the Arcola Theatre from 6-30 April

I'm looking forward to writing here about the process of page to stage, and page to publication, but as I'm redrafting ahead of first rehearsal on Monday I'm idea rich but time poor...  so I thought I'd repost two pieces from my personal blog - Hannykha's Listography. I posted them last May during and after a crowdfunding campaign to help money for this play. I hope you find them interesting. 

Three things I’ve learned about Crowdfunding

My play Scenes from 68* Years (about life under occupation in Palestine) is due to go on at the Arcola in Dalston, London in April next year. Sandpit Productions are producing and we will be applying to the Arts Council for funding. What some of you who don’t work in theatre may not know is that with most ‘fringe’ theatres even when they select your …

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In Praise of Young People

As the National Theatre Connections 2015 programme gets under way, I’ve been reflecting on last year’s festival and the sheer brilliance of it. Methuen Drama is proud to have published the Connections volumes for the past five years, in tandem with this inspiring programme – a core part of the National Theatre’s education scheme and which is enjoying its twentieth anniversary.

The numbers, to some extent, speak for themselves. Last year saw 230 companies taking part, which equated to 5,000 young people and 25,000 audience members. This, in itself, is impressive, especially when you consider that the numbers increase each year. It couldn’t be done without the dedicated and talented team of Anthony Banks, Rob Watt, and their colleagues at the National who initiate and oversee all operations throughout the year. In the programme’s web-like existence, the ten commissioned plays reach far corners of the British Isles via 26 professional ‘partner’ theatres, and ten selected …

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10 Tips from the Master of Impro!

For the last 2 weeks of June 2014, I was in Calgary working with Keith Johnstone (as his Literary Executor) preparing and packing his personal archive (or a portion of it) for shipment to Stanford University where The Keith Johnstone Papers will be permanently housed. 

As I sat for hours beside the master of impro going through thousands of old documents, I decided to take the opportunity to ask him, “If you could share one piece of advice with improvisers worldwide, what would it be?”  I then jotted down his answer and, in the evening, posted it on my Keith Johnstone: A Critical Biography Facebook Page.  The next day, I asked him the same question, posted his answer, and I continued to do this almost every day of those last 2 weeks of June.  As I was pondering over what to write about for the Actors & Performers site, it suddenly dawned on me to simply post Keith’s advice!  So, here it is, in chronological order, …

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