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The session I SHOULD have called at Devoted & Disgruntled or Why fringe theatre is only for trustofarians

Last Saturday I went to Devoted and Disgruntled 12: What shall we do about Theatre and the Performing Arts Now in Bristol, hosted by Improbable. For the uninitiated it is an open space event - a sort of free for all conference, where attendees make up the seminar agenda when they arrive.

I'd never been to one before and it was an engaging experience to say the least. I didn't call a session (though now I realise I should have hence the blog), but went to a broad range from '(How) can we teach playwrighting' (I had stuff to say about that); 'Mothers who make'; 'Can you be an artist in the evenings and weekends'; and the one that inspired this blog: 'Come and rant at two White Male Artistic Directors'. That last one got me curious for sure.

I bumbled bee-d into it for the last 15 mins as I'd got caught up in another conversation and in fact (disappointingly) no one was ranting at these two Artistic Directors at all. This was because they were talking about things …

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A double act: Preparing a script for publication and production

It's happened, I'm being published by the wonderful people at Methuen Drama. One of the few disappointments of my last play Plan D was that I wasn't able to secure a publisher to tie in with the production. It was however subsequently published in an anthology in the States so that was nice. Another couple of my plays have been published or are going to be published. I'm not showing off there is a point and here it is - despite being published this is the first time I've had a play published to tie in with production. And it's been a very different experience. 

My play Scenes from 68* Years runs at the Arcola in Dalston from 6-30 April. We started rehearsing in the first week of March and a few days later I was charged with delivering my script in order for it to be prepared for printing. I was told some changes would be acceptable after that point but these would need to be delivered within an email rather than as a whole redrafted script. That was fine and actually the first …

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Crowdfunding insights

This is my first blog for this site. At the moment I am in pre-production for my play Scenes from 68* Years which is at the Arcola Theatre from 6-30 April

I'm looking forward to writing here about the process of page to stage, and page to publication, but as I'm redrafting ahead of first rehearsal on Monday I'm idea rich but time poor...  so I thought I'd repost two pieces from my personal blog - Hannykha's Listography. I posted them last May during and after a crowdfunding campaign to help money for this play. I hope you find them interesting. 

Three things I’ve learned about Crowdfunding

My play Scenes from 68* Years (about life under occupation in Palestine) is due to go on at the Arcola in Dalston, London in April next year. Sandpit Productions are producing and we will be applying to the Arts Council for funding. What some of you who don’t work in theatre may not know is that with most ‘fringe’ theatres even when they select your …

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