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'Status' in IMPRO by Keith Johnstone

Impro by Keith Johnstone has become over the years one of the most important theatre practitioner books; filled with insight and guidance for performers, it is essential reading for anyone looking to better understand the dynamics of interaction on the stage. In this short excerpt, Keith … more

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Acting Stanislavski

In Acting Stanislavski, John Gillett offers a clear, accessible and comprehensive account of the Stanislavski approach, from the actor's training to final performance.

In this excerpt from the book, John discusses the importance of objectives and actions and offers a variety of exercises for the … more

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Getting started: courses and funding

Currently there is a core of established drama schools which belong to an organisation called Drama UK (www.dramauk.co.uk) – which is a recent amalgamation of the Conference of Drama Schools (CDS) and the National Council for Drama Training (NCDT).  […] Most of these drama schools run … more

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Make the most of your time at drama school

Drama school training is incredibly demanding – physically, mentally and emotionally. The hours you spend in classes and rehearsals are much, much longer than those of your contemporaries studying other disciplines. You won’t have nearly as much written work to do, but you’ll still need to do … more

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Making Your Own Language

Speaking With Skill, by Dudley Knight

Making your own language

Begin to explore the feel of sound-actions when used in combination. This is play, pure and simple, and like all the best forms of play it will inform as well as entertain. It will tell you a good deal about where in the vocal tract you … more

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