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Acting with Passion - Emotions on Cue


The connections between your body and your brain are even more powerful than the voice of the frightened child that lives in your head. We must harness that power so you can count on it every time you act.

In a few minutes you’re going to stop reading and … more

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Auditioning for Film and Television - Make Choices

Make Choices

Actors who get cast are actors who make choices.

Make an actable choice that is clear to you and easy to play. Keep it simple. Actors tend to make complicated choices that are difficult to play. For example, ‘I think I love her, but I’m not sure.’ A more decisive and playable … more

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Cracking Shakespeare by Kelly Hunter

Iambic pentameter: The rhythm of your feelings

The first question I ask a new group of students is whether they know what the iambic pentameter is and crucially whether they know how to use it as an actor in order to deepen their understanding of their character’s inner life. The answers to the … more

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From Stage to Screen - Eye Movement

The Doughnut

When we look at people, we look at their eyes. As soon as babies can focus, they look at people’s eyes. Even dogs and cats, it’s said even rats, look at people’s eyes to read their intentions. So as soon as you appear on screen, this is where the audience will be looking. … more

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Narrative Structure workshop with Simon Stephens

Last Saturday saw the first of what we hope to be a regular series of workshops held at Bloomsbury. Our inaugural session, How to Shape a Play: Narrative Structure, got started on a wet morning, as 30 dedicated and rain-soaked writers gathered at Bedford Square to spend the day under the guidance … more

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