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Finding funding for projects – Sinead Mac Manus

Finding funding for projects is an essential part of the subsidised theatre scene. Unless you are working in the commercial sector, most theatre productions do not generate enough income to cover their costs. Fundraising provides the shortfall. The funding landscape in the UK is wide … more

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Five tips for successful networking

Networking daunts most of us, but it is essential in acting, where the normal career pattern consists of short term contracts for a variety of employers interspersed with meetings which may bear fruit in the future. Once you have met and worked with someone, chances are you’ll do it again and … more

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Marketing and the Internet: maintaining your online presence

Where do you go when you want to find something? To the Internet. Casting directors do the same.

Today, casting happens quickly and initially online: casting directors post their breakdowns on search engines, such as Spotlight, and agents submit actor suggestions electronically. As a casting … more

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One-liners online

You need to decide how you are going to market yourself. You are selling yourself, after all. So who are you aiming your act at? What style are you going to present to your audience (bearing in mind that styles do evolve over time)? And what kind of material do you intend to do?

Apart from … more

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