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An actor's CV

As casting director and author Bonnie Gillespie says, 'Your resume is not a list, it's spin.'

The CV (UK) or resume (North America) is a marketing tool edited to get you work. Never lie, but spin. Display the accurate and true facts in the order that they will best present you for the roles you … more

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Do you have a modern headshot portfolio?

Forget the ‘killer headshot’; it’s a redundant concept. The way casting works now means actors need a true headshot portfolio, one that showcases the full range of their casting. It’s an average casting day in the offices of agents and casting directors, and on the laptops of actors … more

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Following up correspondence: top tips

If you want a reply to a letter (and/or return of your photograph), you should enclose a sae. One second-class stamp doesn’t cost much, but several hundred will add considerably to your budget, let alone the stationary and time costs. Even if you have enclosed a sae, the recipient may well have … more

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