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Auditioning for Film and Television: Telling a Story

Tell the story

Actors who get cast are actors who tell the story.

For as many times as it is appropriate to take a risk and play high stakes, there are equally as many times when it’s appropriate to simply tell the story. Sometimes the stakes are low and there is less money involved in the poker … more

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Casting: tips for directors

Some theatres begin casting earlier than two months before the beginning of rehearsals, particularly if the casting involves looking for very experienced actors or ‘names’. Some directors are still casting the week before rehearsals, which is not ideal, but two months before rehearsals is a … more

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Monologue sample - 'Silent' - by Pat Kinevane

Oh!! My brother Pearse – named after Pádraig the freedom fighter. My brother Pearse, the faggot! That’s what they shouted after his heels every hour of his short Faggot life. He was soft and cried each day and ran to school and back so there would be less time for them to call him faggot. … more

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Self-taping Auditions, by Ros Hubbard

Time is the enemy! When we set up Hubbard Casting in London in 1976, we had much more time and money (!) available to us. Now with film budgets under far more pressure there are more and more time constrictions. We have been forced to come up with a solution to actors being considered all over the … more

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Spotlight is a small organisation with a massive output. It is ‘the hub of the industry’ (Clive Swift) – where you advertise yourself, whether you have an agent or not. The organisation’s two major annual publications are the Spotlight Directories and Contacts. (It also publishes … more

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