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Audition speech: As You Like It

Act 3, Scene 5

Suggested age/accent/nationality: young, Warwickshire/rural

Possibly first produced in 1599, this comedy is set mainly in the Forest of Arden, where Rosalind, disguised as a young shepherd, ‘Ganymede’, and her cousin Celia, seek refuge from the fury of the usurping Duke Frederick.


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Audition Speech: The Westbridge



by Rachel De-lahay

The Westbridge was first professionally performed at the Bussey Building, Peckham Rye as part of the Theatre Local season, in November 2011. The play later transferred to the Royal Court Theatre in London. Both productions were directed by Clint Dyer and … more

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Audition Speech: True Brits



by Vinay Patel

True Brits was produced by Rich Mason Productions in association with HighTide Festival and had its premiere at Assembly Hall, Edinburgh on 31 July 2014. This production was directed by Tanith Lindon and performed by Sid Sagar.

Summary (extract)

Flashback to early August … more

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Audition Speeches for Black, South Asian and Middle Eastern Actors

Ahead of her seminar at London's Surviving Actors conference, we revisit Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway's introduction to Audition Speeches for Black, South Asian and Middle Eastern Actors which published in June 2016.


We owe it to ourselves to never stop learning about the wealth of talent … more

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Auditioning for Film and Television - Make Choices

Make Choices

Actors who get cast are actors who make choices.

Make an actable choice that is clear to you and easy to play. Keep it simple. Actors tend to make complicated choices that are difficult to play. For example, ‘I think I love her, but I’m not sure.’ A more decisive and playable … more

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