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Auditions: film, TV, commercials and radio

After you have completed your drama course the auditioning process continues. Although, hopefully, part of your acting life will be spent working in films and television, it should be stressed that the most successful actors and actresses are generally those who have had a good drama school … more

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Book Launch: Auditioning for Film and Television

Join Nancy Bishop and special guest Peter Webber, the award-winning director of Girl with the Pearl Earring for a Q&A, moderated by Damon Wise of Empire magazine. This session will offer valuable insights about the casting process. The event will be followed by a short wine and cheese reception … more

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CLOSE TO THE ENEMY: An Introduction

Close to the Enemy: An Introduction

One of my earliest memories is of sitting next to my father in the front seat of his car and staring out of the window at a shattered bomb-devastated city as we drove together across London. This was at least ten years after the end of the war and yet there were … more

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From Stage to Screen - Eye Movement

The Doughnut

When we look at people, we look at their eyes. As soon as babies can focus, they look at people’s eyes. Even dogs and cats, it’s said even rats, look at people’s eyes to read their intentions. So as soon as you appear on screen, this is where the audience will be looking. … more

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Interview! - Stephen Poliakoff

Stephen Poliakoff, one of Britain’s most-loved playwright and screenwriters, is interviewed by Actors&Performers about his work, including his new BBC television series Close to the Enemy. Stephen has a regularly updated blog, which can be read here.

When you begin a new … more

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