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Actors are above all experts in movement. From holding out the hand, to turning the head, to kneeling, to passing over the stage, to drawing a sword, to dancing a pavan or a jig, to tumbling, wrestling, vaulting or other feats of activity, the actor’s body is above all kinetic. This section of … more

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'Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh', by John Lahr

Blood-Hot and Personal

Into this scene comes the man of truth—awkward, timid, inept, even with an almost idiotic side. But he is the bringer of truth, the man from whom progress grows. He creates or destroys, there is no middle ground or compromise in him.

—Clifford Odets,

The Time Is Ripe: The … more

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A Survey of Fictional Theatre Critics

From ‘Do They Mean Me?: A Survey of Fictional Theatre Critics’

One of the most memorable sequences in Waiting for Godot (1956) comes in act two as the two tramps Vladimir and Estragon are losing patience with each other. They trade a series of insults that escalate in intensity. Vladimir kicks … more

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American Caesars: Julius Caesar, Edwin Booth and Orson Welles

American Caesars: Julius Caesar, Edwin Booth and Orson Welles

For much of its history, American Caesars had been pale imitations of their British counterparts. Little performed in the revolutionary years, the play had become a theatrical staple in the nineteenth century, a fact tied both to the … more

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Auditioning for Film and Television - Make Choices

Make Choices

Actors who get cast are actors who make choices.

Make an actable choice that is clear to you and easy to play. Keep it simple. Actors tend to make complicated choices that are difficult to play. For example, ‘I think I love her, but I’m not sure.’ A more decisive and playable … more

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