Plays for Performance - (1 female) - Dry Ice

An outstanding performance piece for a strong female actor, Dry Ice (from The Clean Collection) offers a single actor the opportunity to inhabit many characters, weaving surreal and magical stories together. Nina, a young stripper, takes us on her startling journey via the many characters she has met along the way.

An exemplary piece for a talented actor to showcase her theatrical range and adaptability, Sabrina Mahfouz's play gives voice to those who are too often voiceless.

Dry Ice was nominated for The Stage Award for Best Solo Performance 2011.

‘A really substantial piece of writing…the language is rich…wrapped up in a compelling narrative…[Mahfouz] speaks lyrically and powerfully’ - The Times

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Cast1 female
SetBare stage
Length30 pages, 1 act, approx. 30 min.
Fee£75 + VAT per performance
Script£9.99 RRP (deals available for multiple purchases)

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Nina Smile no matter what they say, smile all you can, someone your age could have them old geezers, the sleazes, eating right out ya hand.

But I can't. Instead I say: 

'Why don't you leave this place?

You've got a gorgeous face you could go anywhere you wanted.

This is it you know this is your one life your one time to make it yours make it right make it something that exists for more than a stag night or a bar fight or a tight-arse CEO's birthday party.

You got to grab it now, mighty fast cos before you know it years have passed and life, the one life you get given, has shrivelled and the pinnacle of your career has been a twist on the pole and there's a big hole where so much else could've been -'