About Us

About Us
Methuen Drama (Bloomsbury) is a leading Drama publisher, publishing plays alongside acting, theatre craft and practitioner titles for over 100 years. We recently launched the cutting edge higher education platform Drama Online.

The Actors & Performers website is a professional industry resource. With the authoritative industry contacts directory: The Actors’ Yearbook now available online for the first timeusers can search for, and book mark, the specific information they need and export addresses to mailing labels.

In addition, an expanding portfolio of blog and article content provides free advice and a community forum for professional support and networking.

Actors & Performers provides:

  • professional, helpful and impartial industry career advice 
  • detailed, carefully researched contact information especially selected for actors
  • a forum for users to ask questions of others, to receive tips and help, and to offer help in return
  • a way to connect with other like minded individuals 

We welcome your feedback
Please contact us on: actorsyb@bloomsbury.com to let us know what you think of this website. All feedback, whether large or small is welcomed to help us develop this site further to suit your needs.

About Drama Publishing at Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Methuen Drama is an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc and has held a unique place in literary history for more than a century, publishing landmark works of drama that remain fresh, vital and relevant decades after their theatrical debut. Methuen Drama began in 1889 when Sir Algernon Methuen published among his earliest titles, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and continued to grow with the notable signing of Antigone after World War II and onto leading writers such as Bertolt Brecht, Arthur Miller, Bernard Shaw, Caryl Churchill and Willy Russell. Methuen Drama was acquired by Bloomsbury in 2006. .

Today Methuen Drama is the largest performing arts list in Europe and continues to publish the finest contemporary playwrights, scholarly works, performance and backstage guides in both digital and print formats.

`The Arden Shakespeare is one of the best regarded scholarly editions of Shakespeare's plays' The Times.

The Arden Shakespeare is an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc and has set the highest standard in Shakespeare editions since the First series was launched in 1899. The Third Series was launched in 1995 to meet the changing needs of students, scholars, and theatre practitioners, who want a richer understanding of Shakespeare’s work. Third Series editions focus on the play as a performance as well as literary text and provide a student-friendly, modernized version of the text with full, explanatory commentaries on every page and substantial critical introductions.

View Arden editors in conversation:Arden Shakespeare General Editors explain the value Arden texts give as the key to a richer understanding of Shakespeare's work:

Bloomsbury Publishing plc is a dynamic and innovative global independent publishing house established in 1986. It has companies in London, New York, Sydney and New Delhi. Its four divisions include Bloomsbury Academic and Professional, Bloomsbury Information, Bloomsbury Adult Publishing and Bloomsbury Children's Publishing. Bloomsbury's mission is to publish works of excellence and originality across all its divisions:

Bloomsbury Academic and Professional Publishing is one of the fastest growing academic publishers with a particularly big presence in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Seeking out works of the highest scholarly merit, it publishes around 1100 titles a year and including journals, digital services, textbooks, primary works of literature from the Greeks to modern playwrights, supplementary course books, research monographs, reference works and professional books. Major academic platforms such as the Berg Fashion Library and The Churchill Archive form an important part of its future direction.

Bloomsbury Adult Publishing comprises literary fiction and a wide range of distinguished non-fiction from memoir, biography and history to politics, science, food and sport. Bloomsbury's best-selling and award-winning writers include: Khaled Hosseini, William Boyd, Margaret Atwood, Donna Tartt, Elizabeth Gilbert, Richard Ford, David Guterson, John Irving, Jay McInerney, Ben Schott, Anthony Bourdain, William Dalrymple, Ben Macintyre, Dava Sobel, Mark Kurlansky, Will Self, Chelsea Handler, Heston Blumenthal, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and recent Man Booker Prize winner Howard Jacobson.
Bloomsbury Children's Publishing is are well-loved by parents and children alike. From beautiful picture books to the enduring magic of Harry Potter there is something to suit every age or inclination. 
The list includes bestselling authors including J. K Rowling, Neil Gaiman, Debi Gliori, Louise Sachar and Benjamin Zephaniah. 

Bloomsbury Information includes a number of information databases for electronic as well as print publications. Bloomsbury Information includes a number of information databases for electronic as well as print publications. Publications includeThe Encarta World English DictionaryBusiness: The Ultimate Resource and QFINANCE.com among others. Bloomsbury also provides management services for Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing and Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals