Thanks so much to all of you who have read my book, Secrets from the Casting Couch. I'm grateful for all of the positive and encouraging feedback. Very happily, Methuen Drama has requested that I revise the book.  Actors, and other industry professionals, please contribute your ideas and information. I would be very happy for your help.

Following is my first research question:

When Secrets from the Casting Couch went to press in 2009, Facebook was already in full swing, as were Linked In and Twitter. But I didn't touch the social media sites as a subject because they seemed too mercurial and possibly volatile to me. Furthermore, I didn't know if they were here to stay. As we all know, Facebook can be a wonderful thing, but it can also get us into trouble. 

While on a casting panel at the Edinburgh Film Festival a few years ago, an agent said that he urges his clients NOT to have Facebook accounts. One of his actors was tagged in a negative way, bringing scandalous publicity towards him. Apparently he had to cancel a theatre tour due to a broken leg. His Facebook buddies revealed that he had been drunk during the injury.

On the other hand, I know actors who have used Facebook to hear about and book jobs. I've noticed that there are many actor support sites there. I myself use Facebook, judiciously, to post information when I'm opening up a casting call. 

Twitter is more of a mystery to me. A few years ago, I booked an actor on the ABC TV series "Missing." After his shoot, he told me that he mentioned working with Ashley Judd in a tweet. I got nervous about this. I know that productions don't like information about set going on the internet. But on the contrary, apparently Ashley tweeted him back. 

Linked In is even more of an anathema. I haven't figured out how to effectively use it in my own work and regard it as more of a nuisance than anything else. So I'm not sure how to advise actors about this one.

Please share your stories with me about your professional use of Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Or perhaps there are other social medias as well. I'd love to know how social media has either helped or hurt your career. If you wish to write to me anonymously, please write to